The Imperial Triumph

Robert Fabbri

RRP: £1.99

4 May 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786491701

Rome 44 AD, Marcus Salvius Magnus has returned from three years fighting for the emperor Claudius in Britannia. As the leader of the South Quirinal Crossroads Brotherhood he must quickly re-establish his command. But he is beset with problems. Who is evicting tenants in his territory? How can he settle a debt to his patron’s sister Vespasia Polla? How can he best his rivals, the West Viminal Brotherhood, who thwart him at every turn?

Meanwhile Magnus’ patron, Senator Gaius Vespasius Pollo is trying to broker a deal to illegally benefit from the booty looted from the war in Britannia, and he needs Magnus’ help to carry out such an illicit task. Magnus, who doesn’t leave anything up to Fortuna, is the perfect man for the job. He must use the resources of Rome’s criminal underworld to find a way to regain control, appease his patrons, and of course, to make a profit.

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