'Truly epic' Conn Iggulden

Robert Fabbri

RRP: £20.00

3 November 2022

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781838956097

RRP: £8.99

3 November 2022

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781838956110

‘This may be the greatest tale of the ancient world. Hugely enjoyable’ CONN IGGULDEN

‘Excellent . . . scintillating’ THE TIMES

Who will save the fallen city? Let the games begin . . .

Alexander the Great’s sudden death has left his empire in chaos. The ragged survivors of war limp home on foot, while funeral pyres across Macedon sizzle with the bodies of great warriors. Meanwhile, the dead king’s generals – cunning Seleukos, one-eyed Antigonos, jealous Kassandros – are scattered across different continents from Athens to the Nile, each hungry for power over the whole kingdom. Alliances and betrayals are rife, and if one man gains an advantage, the others will not hesitate to plot his downfall.

Mobilising their troops, the warlords cross deserts and seas, all marching in a single direction: towards the legendary city of Babylon. The key to controlling the East, behind its golden gates lie untold treasures. But it will take a hero to claim it – or maybe even the son of a god…

Babylon is the fourth book in a huge, brutal and bloodthirsty series about the fight to regain Alexander the Great’s empire after his untimely death. Let the battles begin…

Praise for Robert Fabbri:

‘A powerful retelling of one of the most dramatic events in ancient history’ BBC HISTORY

‘Brutal and bloodthirsty’ Sunday Post

‘Stuffed with political deviousness and vivid depictions of war . . . shockingly good’ Sunday Sport

‘Powerfully chilling’ Express

Readers are raving about Robert Fabbri:

‘A delight, full of plot twists and bloodthirsty battle sequencesGoodreads review

Vivid descriptions and the battles are brutally and compellingly describedGoodreads review

‘Action-packed and sumptuous – not for the faint-hearted!Goodreads review

Perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow‘s “Eagles” series!’ Goodreads review