Archias the Exile-Hunter – The Siege of Tyros. An Alexander's Legacy novella

Robert Fabbri

RRP: £2.99

5 May 2022

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781838954734

Archias the Exile-Hunter: The Siege of Tyros

Archias, struggling actor turned assassin, is finally out of luck. Alexander the Great has been informed of Archias’ latest victim’s death, and that it was his gold that was used to pay for the murder. Locked up awaiting Alexander’s judgement, Archias believes his days are numbered.

Instead, Alexander gives him a new mission: infiltrate the island city of Tyros, currently under siege, kill the soldiers who are delaying Macedon’s victory, and hold the King of Tyros captive until Alexander arrives. But Alexander makes no mention of Archias’ fate, should he succeed in this almost impossible task – a task more like a suicide mission in fact. Can Archias win through, and make it out alive?