Johan Norberg

Humanity’s embrace of openness is the key to our success. The freedom to explore and exchange – whether it’s goods, ideas or people – has led to stunning achievements in science, technology and culture. As a result, we live at a time of unprecedented wealth and opportunity. So why are we so intent on ruining it?From Stone Age hunter-gatherers to contemporary Chinese-American relations, Open explores how across time and cultures, we have struggled with a constant tension between our yearning for co-operation and our profound need for belonging. Providing a bold new framework for understanding h …


Atlantic Books to publish ‘Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead’

15 October 2020

Atlantic Books is to publish Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead, the debut novel by Canadian author Emily Austin.  Responding to a flyer for free therapy, Gilda – a young woman struggling with acute anxiety – finds herself on the steps of St. Rigobert’s Catholic church. Too embarrassed to contradict Father Jeff, who assumes she’s there for a job interview, Gilda is hired to replace the elderly, recently deceased receptionist Grace. She’s not exactly qualified to be their new receptionist – she’s queer and an atheist for starters – and so in between trying to learn the lines to mass, hi …