Bobby Duffy

‘Subtle and compelling.’ ObserverAre we in the middle of a generational war? Are Millennials really entitled ‘snowflakes’? Are Baby Boomers stealing their children’s futures? Are Generation X the saddest generation? Will Generation Z fix the climate crisis?In this original and deeply researched book, Professor Bobby Duffy explores whether when we’re born determines our attitudes to money, sex, religion, politics and much else. Informed by unique analysis of hundreds of studies, Duffy reveals that many of our preconceptions are just that: tired stereotypes. Revealing and informative, Generation …


Atlantic to publish Among the Trolls by Marianna Spring

13 July 2021

Atlantic Books has acquired UK Comm (ex. Canada) and audio rights for the debut book by the BBC’s first specialist disinformation and social media reporter Marianna Spring. Publishing Director for Non-Fiction Mike Harpley bought Among the Trolls: Notes from the Disinformation Wars in a hotly contested three-way auction from Trevor Dolby at Aevitas UK. It is due for publication in Autumn 2023. Why do otherwise intelligent people believe that COVID vaccines contain microscopic computer chips? How did the idea that the US election was rigged become mainstream? Is Westminster being run by a shadow …