How to Be a Rock Star

Shaun Ryder

As lead singer of Happy Mondays and Black Grape, Shaun Ryder was the Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of his generation. A true rebel, who formed and led not one but two seminal bands, he’s had number-one albums, headlined Glastonbury, toured the world numerous times, taken every drug under the sun, been through rehab – and come out the other side as a national treasure.Now, for the first time, Shaun lifts the lid on the real inside story of how to be a rock star. With insights from three decades touring the world, which took him from Salford to San Francisco, from playing working men’s clubs to …


Atlantic to publish Kampfner’s compelling new book on Berlin

5 October 2021

Atlantic Books has acquired UK Comm (ex. Canada) rights to a new book by John Kampfner, author of the Sunday Times bestselling Why The Germans Do It Better: Notes From A Grown-Up Country.  Publishing Director for Non-Fiction Mike Harpley bought Berlin: A Story of Redemption and Reinvention in a substantial pre-empt from Karolina Sutton at Curtis Brown. Berlin should never have become a world metropolis. For centuries, history passed it by. Its geography and topography spell trouble. The city arrived from nowhere, with no connection to the great civilisations. Over the subsequent centuries, few …