The Secrets of Strangers

Charity Norman

A regular weekday morning veers drastically off-course for a group of strangers whose paths cross in a London café – their lives never to be the same again when an apparently crazed gunman holds them hostage. But there is more to the situation than first meets the eye and as the captives grapple with their own inner demons, the line between right and wrong starts to blur. Will the secrets they keep stop them from escaping with their lives? Another tense, multi-dimensional drama from the writer of the Richard & Judy bestseller AFTER THE FALL.’tautly plotted, gripping and emotional’ – Clare Mack …


‘Lot’ by Bryan Washington wins the Swansea University Dylan Thomas Prize

15 May 2020

Lot by Bryan Washington has won this year’s £30,000 Swansea University Dylan Thomas Prize. Lot is a collection of short stories centring around a young man finding his place among family and community in Houston. Chair of the judging panel Swansea University professor Dai Smith said of the collection: “Bryan Washington’s collection of short stories does what all great fiction does, finds a style that can open up a world that is otherwise unknowable and he does it with wit and grace. It is a real voice, unique, unforgettable, generous, and warm and one which provides us with a sense of communit …