She Speaks

Yvette Cooper

A powerful celebration of brilliant speeches by women throughout the ages, from Boudica to Greta Thunberg.’A treasure trove of trailblazers…’ Cathy NewmanLooking at lists of the greatest speeches of all time, you might think that powerful oratory is the preserve of men. But the truth is very different – countless brave and bold women have used their voices to inspire change, transform lives and radically alter history.In this timely and personal selection of exceptional speeches, Yvette Cooper MP tells the rousing story of female oratory. From Boudica to Greta Thunberg and Margaret Thatcher …


Atlantic to publish Andrew Parker’s ‘The Line of Sight’

4 December 2019

Atlantic Books has won a six-way auction to publish Andrew Parker’s The Line of Sight: How Vision Shapes Our Lives, “a sweeping and urgent story about the way we see”. Publishing director for non-fiction Mike Harpley acquired UK and British Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Richard Pike at C&W. The Line of Sight: How Vision Shapes Our Lives will be published in hardback and e-book in September 2021. The synopsis reads: “As our most dominant sense, sight governs how we evolved, how we behave, and nearly everything we create. In The Line of Sight, acclaimed biologist Andrew Parker …