Bean Counters

Richard Brooks

‘A devastating exposé.’ Mail on SundayThe world’s ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms – PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and KPMG – have become a gilded elite. Up in the high six figures, an average partner salary rivals that of a Premier League footballer. But how has the seemingly humdrum profession of accountancy got to this level? And what is the price we pay for their excesses?Leading investigative journalist Richard Brooks charts the profession’s rise to global influence and offers a gripping exposé of the accountancy industry. From underpinning global tax avoidance to corrupting world football, B …


Deviant Minds winner announced!

9 July 2018

We are very excited to announce that Julian Gyll-Murray’s novel The Bridal Party has been selected as the winner of Deviant Minds, the writing prize launched by Corvus and A.M. Heath to find a talented and previously unpublished new voice in the crime and thriller genre. The Bridal Party synopsis: It’s the weekend of Clarisse’s bridal party, a weekend that the girls have all been looking forward to. But on the day of their flight Tamsyn, the maid of honour, offering little explanation doesn’t show up. Upset, and confused, these women try to make the most of the stunning, isolated seaside house …