See You in September

Charity Norman

RRP: £7.99

4 May 2017

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781743318775

RRP: £4.99

4 May 2017

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781952535307

Cassy smiled, blew them a kiss.
‘See you in September,’ she said.
It was a throwaway line. Just words uttered casually by a young woman in a hurry. And then she’d gone.

It was supposed to be a short trip – a break in New Zealand before her best friend’s wedding. But when Cassy waved goodbye to her parents, they never dreamed that it would be years before they’d see her again.

Having broken up with her boyfriend, Cassy accepts an invitation to stay in an idyllic farming collective. Overcome by the peace and beauty of the valley and swept up in the charisma of Justin, the community’s leader, Cassy becomes convinced that she has to stay.

As Cassy becomes more and more entrenched in the group’s rituals and beliefs, her frantic parents fight to bring her home – before Justin’s prophesied Last Day can come to pass.

A powerful story of family, faith and finding yourself, See You in September is an unputdownable new novel from this hugely compelling author.


This is a big, gripping and heartbreaking read... I couldn't put it down.
Daily Mail

A riveting, fascinating read. I was absolutely gripped.
Julie Cohen

See You in September is one of those novels that really gets beneath the skin... I love the way Charity Norman is able to show the greys between the obvious black and whites; how she draws such multi-layered characters; and, of course, how she describes her stunning but often sinister locations.
Tracy Buchanan

Norman does a fine job delving into the insidious psychology of cults. But this is no human freak show: it's a creepy portrayal of an ordinary young woman, feeling the lure of total belonging, who is groomed into accepting a sinister price for it.
Sydney Morning Herald

This is the author's fourth book and although I've said it before, it's her best. I can't wait to see what subject she'll tackle next.

Completely brilliant - you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough.

I shouted at this novel. I cast it away, abandoned, only to return to its beguiling pages.

Woman and Home on THE SON-IN-LAW

A gripping tale that would appeal to fans of Jodi Picoult and Joanna Trollope... A page turning book to while away a winter's evening.
Red Online on AFTER THE FALL

Easy to read, hard to put down, it'll move you to tears.
Easy Living on FREEING GRACE