Vanessa Tait

Vanessa Tait grew up in Gloucestershire. She went to the University of Manchester and completed a Master's degree in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths College. The Pharmacist's Wife is her second novel.



With shades of Sarah Waters, independence and vengeance make for a winning tale

This chilling atmospheric novel will appeal to fans of The Miniaturist and The Essex Serpent.
RED Online

A fascinating, darkly powerful novel with biting attitude... Raw, elemental and disturbing, The Pharmacist's Wife is an entirely captivating, enthralling read - highly recommended.

A truly addictive, deeply atmospheric, sensual yarn... similar to the works of Sarah Waters and Michel Faber, it makes for a compelling, irresistible, utterly delicious read.

A captivating book.... It is a story that is both whimsical and disturbingReview for THE LOOKING GLASS HOUSE

Tait's engaging novel... is sensuous and lyricalReview for THE LOOKING GLASS HOUSE
Sunday Telegraph

Moving and originalKate Saunders, Review for THE LOOKING GLASS HOUSE
The Times

As Alice Liddell's great-granddaughter, Vanessa Tait's insider information and access to letters and diaries give the familiar back-story a new slant. Her captivating book conjures up the topsy-turvy world of Alice - the factual and the fictional girl. It is a story that is both whimsical and disturbing.Lyndsy Spence

Tait's engaging novel peeps behind Carroll's story...Her style is sensuous and lyrical, her story neatly infused with Wonderland imagery and historically accurate dialogue... This story isn't about Alice. It runs, White Rabbit-like, away from childhood towards a more grown-up reflection on one of the greatest children's books.Rachel Hoyes
Sunday Telegraph

Moving and original.Kate Saunders
The Times