The Pharmacist's Wife

Vanessa Tait

RRP: £12.99

5 April 2018

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786492715

RRP: £14.99

5 April 2018

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786492708

RRP: £4.99

5 April 2018

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786492722

Love. Desire. Vengeance. A deadly alchemy.

When Rebecca Palmer’s new husband opens a pharmacy in Victorian Edinburgh, she expects to live the life of a well-heeled gentlewoman. But her ideal turns to ashes when she discovers her husband is not what he seems. As Rebecca struggles to maintain her dignity in the face of his infidelity and strange sexual desires, Alexander tries to pacify her so-called hysteria with a magical new chemical creation. A wonder-drug he calls heroin.

Rebecca’s journey into addiction takes her further into her past, and her first, lost love, while Alexander looks on, curiously observing his wife’s descent. Meanwhile, Alexander’s desire to profit from his invention leads him down a dangerous path that blurs science, passion, and death. He soon discovers that even the most promising experiments can have unforeseen and deadly consequences…

Reminiscent of the works of Sarah Waters, this is a brilliantly observed piece of Victoriana which deals with the disempowerment of women, addiction, desire, sexual obsession and vengeance.


With shades of Sarah Waters, independence and vengeance make for a winning tale

This chilling atmospheric novel will appeal to fans of The Miniaturist and The Essex Serpent.
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A fascinating, darkly powerful novel with biting attitude... Raw, elemental and disturbing, The Pharmacist's Wife is an entirely captivating, enthralling read - highly recommended.

A truly addictive, deeply atmospheric, sensual yarn... similar to the works of Sarah Waters and Michel Faber, it makes for a compelling, irresistible, utterly delicious read.

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