Christian Wolmar

Christian Wolmar is a writer and broadcaster. He writes regularly for the Independent and Evening Standard, and appears frequently on TV and radio. His previous books include the widely acclaimed The Subterranean Railway, a history of the London underground and On the Wrong Line, an account of rail privatization.



A marvellously informative, entertaining and rightly partisan book... that has given me more pleasure than any I can remember in quite a while.Rod Liddle
Sunday Times

Expertly explored and explicated, Wolmar never forgets the human dimension... A beautifully written, detailed (but never anoraky) history of two centuries of life on the iron road.Judith Flanders
Daily Telegraph

From the prolific pen of the nation's most passionate and well-known advocate of rail transport and travel... rich in anecdotes without being anecdotal, firmly rooted and referenced in a broad knowledge of our railways yet still an entertaining read.Peter Lyth
BBC History Magazine

A wonderful account of how our railways came to be.Jon Snow

I can think of few better ways to while away those elastic periods awaiting the arrival of the next eastbound Circle Line train than by reading [this book].Tom Fort
Sunday Telegraph

The ferocious rivalries, administrative bungles, short-sighted compromises, cost over-runs and delays. Railway politics were ever thus.

An excellent history of the London Underground
The Times

A passionate and masterly historyJames McConnachie
Sunday Times

Christian Wolmar is in love with railways. He writes constantly and passionately about them. He is their wisest, most detailed historian... Wolmar doesn't have to invent the romance of the railways. That romance is clear on page after page of wonderful storytelling... If you love the hum of wheels and of history, Christian Wolmar is your manPeter Preston