The First Digital World War

Mark Bowden

RRP: £8.99

1 January 2013

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611855845

RRP: £7.99

1 March 2012

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611859959

Worm is the gripping story of the ‘Conficker’ virus- which, since its introduction in November 2008, has infected millions of computers around the world – and the cyber security elites who have joined forces in a high-tech game of cops and robbers to find its creators and defeat them.

This dramatic cybercrime story travels from the Ukraine to the United States (and all parts in between) to explore the next frontier in terrorism. It is the story of a dazzling battle of wits over the future of the Internet. In Worm, Mark Bowden delivers an unputdownable account of the ongoing and largely unreported war taking place literally beneath our fingertips.