Finders Keepers

The Story Of Joey

Mark Bowden

RRP: £6.99

12 June 2003

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843541110

‘This is the true story of disorganised crime at its most comic – and tragic’ Independent on Sunday

Times were hard for Joey Coyle. A dockworker from a struggling neighbourhood of south Philadelphia, Joey had a drug habit he could barely support. One February afternoon in 1981, he was on his way to score when he found two curious yellow containers lying in the street. They had just fallen off the back of an armoured van and contained $1.2 million, in cash, in unmarked notes from a casino.

Bursting with suspense, Finders Keepers tellsthe remarkable story of how Coyle secretly shared the money, living for seven days against the background of growing media interest, terrified he was going to be captured and killed.

‘Compelling’ Maxim
‘Bowden is a clean, crisp writer who knows how to paint a strong picture and tell a good tale’ Daily Mirror
‘The jaw-dropping true story of what happened to New Jersey boy Joey Coyle is told with pace and tenderness’ Jack‘A wonderfully written and riveting tale from the author of Black Hawk Down and Killing PabloWhat’s on in London