This Glittering World

T. Greenwood

RRP: £0.99

7 December 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786490971

T. Greenwood, acclaimed author of Two Rivers and The Hungry Season, crafts a moving story of loss and atonement.

One November morning, Ben Bailey walks out of his home to retrieve the paper. Instead, he finds Ricky Begay, a young man, beaten and dying in the newly fallen snow.

Reeling from the incident, he meets Ricky’s sister, Shadi, and begins to question everything, from his job to his fiancée.

Ben decides to discover the truth about Ricky’s death, both for Shadi’s sake and in hopes of mending the cracks in his own life. Yet the answers leave him torn – between responsibility and happiness, between his once-certain future and the choices that could liberate him from a delicate web of lies.