T. Greenwood

RRP: £0.99

7 December 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786490995

Every family photograph hides a story. For thirteen-year-old Trevor Kennedy, taking photos helps make sense of his fractured world. His father struggles to keep a business going, while Trevor’s mother, Elsbeth, all but ignores her son, instead doting on his five-year-old sister, Gracy.

Though Trevor knows he can count on little Gracy’s unconditional love, nothing compensates for the torment he has endured at school. But where Trevor once silently weathered the jabs and name-calling, now insuppressible fury threatens to wrest control.

Only Crystal, a shop worker dealing with her own loss, sees the deep fissures in the Kennedy family – in the haunting photographs Trevor brings to be developed. And as their lives become more intertwined, each will be pushed to the breaking point, with shattering, unforeseeable consequences.