The Baby Boom

How It Got That Way...And It Wasn't My Fault...And I'll Never Do It Again

P. J. O'Rourke

RRP: £9.99

7 May 2015

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611855586

RRP: £16.99

1 May 2014

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611856118

RRP: £7.99

7 January 2014

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611859799

A hilarious look at the aging baby boomer generation from the author the Spectator labelled ‘what happens when America does Grumpy Old Men’.

The Baby Boom – over-sized, overwrought, overbearing, and all over the place, from Donovan to Obama. The generation that said with a straight face, ‘We are the world.’

What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding? Ask the generation responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall and their knickers. Who put their faith in the Kyoto Accord and disco. Who dropped out of the capitalist system and popped back again in time to cause a global financial crisis.

How did the Baby Boom become what it is and who let them get away with it?