Prepared for the Worst

Selected Essays and Minority Reports

Christopher Hitchens

RRP: £25.00

4 December 2014

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782394662

RRP: £6.99

4 December 2014

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782394990

‘I suppose that, if this collection has a point, it is the desire of one individual to see the idea of confrontation kept alive’ — Christopher Hitchens, Introduction

Christopher Hitchens is widely recognized as having been one of the liveliest and most influential of contemporary political analysts. Prepared for the Worst is a collection of the best of his essays of the 1980s published on both sides of the Atlantic. These essays confirmed his reputation as a bold commentator combining intellectual tenacity with mordant wit, whether he was writing about the intrigues of Reagan’s Washington, a popular novel, the work of Tom Paine, the man George Orwell, or reporting (with sympathy as well as toughness) from Beirut or Bombay, Warsaw or Managua.

Hitchens writes clearly, from a well-stocked mind, and is free of the cant that affects many political journalists. – Publishers Weekly