No One Left to Lie To

Christopher Hitchens

RRP: £10.99

4 December 2014

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9780857898425

RRP: £14.99

1 December 2012

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9780857898418

RRP: £9.99

1 April 2012

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9780857898432

In No One Left to Lie To, Christopher Hitchens portrays President Bill Clinton as one of the most ideologically skewed and morally negligent politicians of recent times. In a blistering polemic which shows that Clinton was at once philanderer and philistine, crooked and corrupt, Hitchens challenges perceptions – of liberals and conservatives alike – of this highly divisive figure.

With blistering wit and meticulous documentation, Hitchens masterfully deconstructs Clinton’s abject propensity for pandering to the Left while delivering to the Right and argues that the president’s personal transgressions were inseparable from his political corruption.


By far the best of all the books on the Clinton era.
Edward Said

You don't buy Christopher Hitchens's book because you want to find out whether Bill Clinton is really as terrible a liar as some people say he is. You buy it because you know he is a terrible liar, and the invitation to have a pungent fellow like Hitchens confirm every prejudice you ever had on the subject, plus a few you might not even have known you had, is an invitation you cannot resist.Louis Menand
New York Times Magazine

With a witty bluntness uncommon in today's political discourse, Hitchens boldly puts the pieces of the Clinton puzzle together - and isn't afraid to describe the result. Hitchens' brave willingness to show all the sordid scenarios in which our emperor has removed his clothes is beyond refreshing.Karen Lehrman
New York Times Book Review