A Novel

Mark Haskell Smith

RRP: £7.99

9 August 2007

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843545415

This dark, funny and violent crime novel is a must-read for fans of Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard.

Bob is an old-school slacker in a city full of them: his job in an Los Angeles pathology lab gives him plenty of time to perfect his Tetris game and still get home early to his live-in girlfriend. But Bob’s clear-cut world tilts wildly on its axis one day, when a severed arm turns up at the morgue. The arm bears the tattooed likeness of a beautiful Mexican woman, with whom – crazily, dangerously – Bob falls head over heels in love. She is unforgettable. He has to have her. And the only way to find her is to find the arm’s original owner. Moist is the hilarious story of Bob’s transformation into Roberto, a kingpin in the Los Angeles Mexican mafia. Along the way, Mark Haskell Smith’s band of mobsters, thieves, murderers and babes-on-the-make gives Elmore Leonard a run for his money.


Hilarious and fast-moving... Moist is a bloody good laugh and well worth immersing yourself in as you lie by the pool with a margarita by your side.