Mark Haskell Smith

RRP: £7.99

9 August 2007

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843545408

Welcome to sunny Hawaii, where the palm trees sway, the tropical breezes blow and a gangland-style turf war is erupting. When a TV producer flies to the islands to film a pilot, a fight breaks out over who will cater the shoot. Will it be Joseph and his hot-headed Samoan uncle, who have held a monopoly on the catering business for years? Or Big Jack Lacey, a trash-talking, lap dance-addicted stroke survivor from Las Vegas, and his son?

With the lines drawn and both sides preparing for a battle to the death, Joseph’s survival ultimately depends on the one thing he’s good at: cooking. This uproarious and delectably dark comic thriller shows a side of paradise that definitely hasn’t been endorsed by the tourist bureau.