Gordon Ferris

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3 April 2014

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782390787

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3 April 2014

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782390756

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3 April 2014

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782390770

Douglas Brodie is dead. The Glasgow Gazette announced the tragic death on 26 June 1947 of their chief crime reporter.

Just three weeks before, life was rosy. After a tumultuous winter chasing war criminals across Glasgow, Douglas Brodie was revelling in the quiet life. His relationship with advocate Samantha Campbell was blossoming and he’d put the reins on his impulsiveness. Hope and promise filled the tranquil summer air.

A day later, Brodie was arrested for the kidnap and murder of Scotland’s top banker.

The case against Brodie is watertight: caught with a gun in his hand next to a man with a bullet in the head – from Brodie’s own revolver. He has no alibi. No witnesses. Despite Samantha’s best efforts, Brodie faces the gallows. Is this the sordid end for a distinguished ex-copper, decorated soldier and man of parts?


Compelling story-telling at a dashing pace, with a superb eye for post-war Glasgow
Daily Mail

There is much in Gallowglass to admire: the authority of voice, the period detail that brings the 1940s convincingly alive, the authentic feel of the various worlds the story inhabits... A John Buchan-like tale of a race against time

Ferris has created a heady crime fiction cocktail. Mix standard Glasgow Grit, Tartan Noir, a redoubtable hero - Douglas Brodie - and top it off with a dash of the threadbare and desperate world of Britain in the years immediately after World War II

Extraordinary... I just could not put (it) down until the nerve-racking conclusion

The new Ian Rankin
Daily Mail

Gordon Ferris is the natural heir of Stevenson and BuchanVal McDermid