Bitter Water

Gordon Ferris

RRP: £8.99

1 January 2013

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9780857896070

RRP: £12.99

1 April 2012

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9780857896049

RRP: £3.99

1 April 2012

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9780857896063

Glasgow’s melting. The temperature is rising and so is the murder rate. Douglas Brodie, ex-policeman, ex-soldier and now newest reporter on the Glasgow Gazette, has no shortage of material for his crime column.

But even Brodie baulks at his latest subject: a rapist who has been tarred and feathered by a balaclava-clad group. Brodie soon discovers a link between this horrific act and a series of brutal beatings.

As violence spreads and the body count rises, Brodie and advocate Samantha Campbell are entangled in a web of deception and savagery. Brodie is swamped with stories for the Gazette. But how long before he and Sam become the headline?