Cooler, Faster, More Expensive

The Return of the Sloane Ranger

Olivia Stewart-Liberty Peter York

RRP: £19.99

1 October 2007

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843546771

Posh is back and bigger than ever. From Peaches Geldof to David Cameron, a new breed of Sloane is taking over the country and Peter York, Britain’s foremost social commentator, and Olivia Stewart-Liberty are determined to unveil them to an unsuspecting public.

This essential account of the Sloane renaissance includes emerging breeds of a subtle and powerful social network: Chav Sloanes (who call friends ‘Blud’), Turbo Sloanes (who live in NYLON), Eco Sloanes (who have strong preferences for veg boxes and kaftans) and even Bongo Sloanes (who are big on chakras and iridology), Sloanes are exhibited, examined and explained. English society will never look quite the same again.

Cooler, Faster, More Expensiveis the insider’s guide to what really matters. One simply cannot afford to miss it.