A Ration Book Dream

Previously Published as Pocketful of Dreams

Jean Fullerton

RRP: £7.99

3 August 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786491381

RRP: £1.99

3 August 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786491398


The first instalment in a delightfully nostalgic saga set during World War 2, following the trials and tribulations of a larger-than-life East End family.

In the darkest days of the Blitz, hope is more important than ever.

It’s 1939, and as the country is preparing for the challenging times ahead, the Brogan family of London’s East End is trying to keep their spirits up. But things don’t seem so rosy when rationing, evacuation and air-raids start to put this larger-than-life family to the test.

When a mysterious young man arrives in the local community, he provides just the dazzling distraction they need – and for eldest daughter Mattie, the promise of more than she’d ever wished for. But as the pair fall deeper in love, they are drawn into secret dangers, rife on the very London streets they call home. As the young couple race to protect the East End, can their dreams survive the darkening backdrop of wartime…?

RNA Pure Passions Awards shortlisted 2010
Winner Romance Reader Award (historical) 2011

Jean Fullerton, the queen of the East End saga, returns with a wonderful new nostalgic novel.