A Glimpse at Happiness

Jean Fullerton

RRP: £1.99

5 April 2018

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786495778

The 2nd novel in the East End Nolan Family series.

The most talented voice since Dilly Court – an absorbing, thrilling and romantic historical saga with characters you’ll fall in love with.

When Josie O’Casey returns to London after twelve years in America, she is overjoyed to discover that her childhood sweetheart Patrick Nolan, who she believed to be dead, is alive and well. But Josie’s happiness is short-lived – Patrick now belongs to another. Heartbroken, Josie vows to forget about Patrick and settle back into life in the East End.

But the East End that Josie knew as a child is much changed. While Josie can remember only too clearly her poverty-stricken upbringing, her family’s social standing has vastly improved since they’ve been away. And there are some who resent that Josie left behind the slums of London to return as a lady. Torn between two worlds, Josie is still drawn back to her childhood haunts – and to Patrick.

When the couple are finally offered a glimmer of hope, their chance at happiness is threatened by the all-powerful Ma Tugman and her criminal empire. Now Josie must decide if she is willing to forsake everything for the man she loves…



Charming and full of detail about the work of anurse in 1940s London, you will ride emotional highs and lows with each newbirth and death. Beautifully written and some sharp dialogue.
The Lady on Jean Fullerton

A well-thought out story, with strong characters and excellent historical details.
Anna Jacobs on NO CURE FOR LOVE

A real page-turner with larger-than-life characters and convincing period detail.
Daily Express

A beautifully written sequel that gives you a fab insight into the life of a nurse in London's East End in the '40s.

A delightful, well-researched story that really does depict nursing and the living conditions in the East End at the end of the war.
Lesley Pearce, on CALL NURSE MILLIE