‘Lot’ by Bryan Washington wins the Swansea University Dylan Thomas Prize

15th May 2020

Lot by Bryan Washington has won this year’s £30,000 Swansea University Dylan Thomas Prize.

Lot is a collection of short stories centring around a young man finding his place among family and community in Houston.

Chair of the judging panel Swansea University professor Dai Smith said of the collection:

“Bryan Washington’s collection of short stories does what all great fiction does, finds a style that can open up a world that is otherwise unknowable and he does it with wit and grace. It is a real voice, unique, unforgettable, generous, and warm and one which provides us with a sense of community and the full experience of life. As one of the judges said he has a country and western kickass voice.”

Washington said:

“It’s a gift whenever an audience gives you the time of day for a story, whatever that is, let alone to be acknowledged for your work on such a massive platform. And it’s an honour to tell stories about the communities that are dear to me, and the communities that I live among—marginalized communities, communities of colour, and queer communities of colour, specifically. So I’m thankful for the chance to share space with my fellow nominees, and I’m grateful for the support of my friends, and my family, and my chosen fam. My name’s on the award, but it belongs just as much to my Atlantic and Riverhead teams, my agent Danielle Bukowski, and everyone who’s given these stories their time.”