An Evening with Sir Tim Waterstone – The Face Pressed Against a Window


September 5, 2019


Bookseller meets bookseller…Chorleywood Bookshop is thrilled to welcome Sir Tim Waterstone for a thoroughly booky evening!

Tim Waterstone is one of Britain’s most successful businessmen, having built the Waterstone’s empire that started with one small bookshop in 1982. In this charming and evocative memoir, he recalls the childhood experiences that led him to become an entrepreneur and outlines the business philosophy that allowed Waterstone’s to dominate the bookselling business throughout the country.

Tim explores his formative years in a small town in rural England at the end of the Second World War, and the troubled relationship he had with his father, before moving on to the epiphany he had while studying at Cambridge, which set him on the road to Waterstone’s and gave birth to the creative strategy that made him a high street name.

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Chorleywood War Memorial Hall, Common Road, Chorleywood, Richmansworth, WD3 5LN