Sir Tim Waterstone – Holt Festival


July 24, 2019


In The Face Pressed Against a Window: A Memoir Tim Waterstone reflects on his enormously successful career, including the occasional cul-de-sac that took in tea broking in Calcutta and a short spell teaching at Gresham’s School. His ‘moment of epiphany’ occurred in Heffer’s, Cambridge.

His vision for a bookshop was based on the traditional model of local service. His breakthrough was to apply this principle across the country and the Waterstone’s enterprise was born.

In 1982, when the first branch of Waterstone’s opened in Old Brompton Road, London, bookshops in the capital city were few and far between. By 1993, when he sold to W H Smith, Waterstone’s had over a hundred branches. Their founder is properly proud of the culture and brand that he created and has found it hard to let go.

Sir Tim will be in conversation with Chris Gribble, CEO of the National Centre for Writing based in Norwich. Norwich is England’s first UNESCO City of Literature.

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Auden Theatre & Britten Building, Gresham's School, Cromer Road, Holt, NR25 6EA