Selina O’Grady in conversation with AC Grayling – In The Name of God


September 9, 2019


AC Grayling discusses with Selina O’Grady her ground-breaking new book In the Name of God: A History of Christian and Muslim Intolerance. Told through contemporary chronicles, stories and poems, Selina O’Grady explores the intertwined histories of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish persecutors and persecuted.

Each faith has been thought of as intolerant and inherently violent; ossified religions that can never come to terms with the Enlightenment. How right or wrong are these assumptions? Selina O’Grady and AC Grayling asks how and why our societies came to be as tolerant or intolerant as they are? Whether tolerance can be expected to heal today’s festering wound between Islam and the post-Christian West? Or whether something deeper than tolerance is needed.

In the Name of God: A History of Christian and Muslim Intolerance will be available on the night to purchase and have signed.

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