Science(ish) – Rick Edwards & Michael Brooks at Waterstones Gower Street

Waterstones Gower Street, London

October 16, 2017


Dr Michael Brooks and Rick Edwards have watched movies and been sucked into those fictional worlds just like the rest of us. But then they went off and explored… unpicking all our much-loved stories.

Illustrating their discoveries with film clips from iconic movies, Michael and Rick will answer questions such as whether it’s really possible to bring back an extinct species (Jurassic Park), whether we will ever be able to travel back in time and meet our parents (Back to the Future) and if it is possible that we are, in fact, already living in a computer simulation (The Matrix).

Join these bestselling authors as they bring a live version of their hit podcast Science(ish) to Gower Street!

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Waterstones Gower Street, 82 Gower St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 6EQ