Science(ish) – Rick Edwards & Michael Brooks at Science Museum Lates

Science Museum, London

September 27, 2017


Science(ish): Exploring the Peculiar Science Behind 28 Days Later – Viruses are some of the most extraordinary, numerous and impressive organisms on the planet. They have left their legacy within our DNA and are even essential to our health. But as we have seen with Ebola, SARS and Zika, they are still a threat—especially in an age of genetic engineering. So could a laboratory accident with a virus unleash a zombie horde, just like in 28 Days Later? Join Rick Edwards, Dr Michael Brooks and expert guests for the answer in a live recording of their award-winning podcast.

Note: BSL interpreted by Bibi DaLacey-Mould.

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Hans Rausing Lecture Theatre, Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD