Robin Ince – Chorleywood Bookshop


November 30, 2018


Chorleywood Bookshop are delighted to welcome co-presenter of the award-winning BBC Radio 4 show, The Infinite Monkey Cage, Robin Ince.

In his latest book ‘I’m a Joke and So Are You: A Comedian’s Take on What Makes Us Human’, Robin examines the human condition through the prism of humour. Why do we make the choices we do in life? Where does anxiety come from? Where does imagination come from? Why are we like we are?

Informed by personal insights from his own life as well as interviews with a bevy of A-list comediansneuroscientistspsychologists and *doctors *– this is a hilarious and often moving primer to the mind.

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Chorleywood War Memorial Hall, Common Road, Chorleywood, WD3 5LN