Lucy Moore – The Cromwell Museum


November 21, 2018


As part of the 2018 Cromwell Lecture Series, the Cromwell Museum is delighted to welcome historian and broadcaster Lucy Moore to talk about her recent book.

In the mid-seventeenth century, England was divided by Civil War, but inside the home domestic life continued as it always had done. Lady Ann Fanshawe’s ‘receipt book’ was a treasured and entirely feminine response to the upheavals of war, which left few doctors to be found. And so Ann’s morocco-bound book full of scraps of ink-stained paper contained everything from lifesaving remedies to recipes for hot chocolate.

Using Ann’s receipt book and the memoirs she wrote for her surviving son, Lucy Moore follows her through this turbulent time as she leaves home, marries, bears – and buries – children and seeks to hold her family together, brilliantly illuminating the life and times of an English woman’s Civil War.

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