James Daybell and Sam Willis – Calstock Arts Centre


October 12, 2018


This brand new show takes you on a journey of discovery that tackles some of the greatest of historical themes – from the Tudors to the Second World War, from the Roman Empire to the Victorians.

In a show that emotionally engages as well as informs and entertains, you will find out how all of these subjects link together in unexpected and rather magical ways.

Such as – why the history of the orange is all about Elizabethan spies and the gunpowder plot. How the history of windows is all about Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar. How the history of the beard is all about Brunel and the industrial revolution. Why the history of the scar is so important. How the history of monsters is so relevant today. Why the history of chimneys is both exciting and upsetting.

You will never think about the past – or the present – in the same way ever again. Guaranteed.
The show has been adapted for theatre by director Daniel Jamieson and integrates sound, film and animation into an enthralling narrative presented by Dr Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell, two of the UKs most gifted historical storytellers.

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Calstock Arts, The Old Chapel, Sand Lane, Calstock, PL18 9QX