Isabel Hardman – Cambridge Literary Festival


November 24, 2018


The last decade has seen remarkable political and cultural transformation in Britain, right across the political spectrum.

 Between them, New Statesman editor Jason Cowley (Reaching for Utopia), The Week in Westminster presenter Isabel Hardman (Why We Get the Wrong Politicians), and David Runciman (How Democracy Ends), politics professor and host of the podcast Talking Politics, have interviewed or profiled most of its key movers and shakers. They’ll discuss the ‘state of the nation’ as seen through the eyes of its major political players and cultural figures, and consider how they are shaping the way we live today. Come prepared for fascinating insights into the thought processes of those charged with leading our divided nation forward.

Chaired by George Eaton, Political Editor of the New Statesman.

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26-27 Magdalene St, Cambridge CB3 0AF