Christian Wolmar – Oxford Literary Festival


March 21, 2018


Transport writer and broadcaster Christian Wolmar explains how the British built the Indian railway network to control the country but in doing so unwittingly created the preconditions for the country’s independence.

Between 1842 and 1929, 41,000 miles of railway track were constructed by the British in order to keep control of the huge country. Wolmar says Indians took to this new rail system very quickly. It made migration to cities very simple and played its part in the rise of nationalism. Today it serves more than 25 million passengers every day.

Wolmar is a writer and broadcaster specialising in transport.  He writes for the Independent and Evening Standard, is a regular commentator on radio and television, and is author of The Subterranean Railway, a history of London underground, and On the Wrong Line, the story of rail privatisation.

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Oxford Literary Festival, Greyfriars Court, Paradise Square, Oxford OX1 1BE