Bobby Duffy – Salon London


October 25, 2018


Ever wondered why you are so easily led, so open to suggestion? Dr Devin Terhune has some answers. The Goldsmiths’ Senior Lecturer in Psychology is an expert in the field of human suggestibility, leads the world’s research in terms of hypnosis and the brain, and will be on the Salon stage to explain why we are so easily led. Repeat after him – I will go to this Salon. I will go to this Salon.

Ever suspected you might not be as right as you think you are? Well, you are in fantastic company – with everyone else in the entire universe. Former Ipsos MORI Director and current Director of The Policy Institute at King’s College London, Bobby Duffy has run the numbers and it turns out, we consistently get everything wrong. He’ll explain why we all have a gap between our perceptions and reality, and just what we can do about it. This info could change your life and win you friends.

Talking of friends – how are yours? You love the way they’re there for you despite your constantly getting things wrong and easily led ways. However, turns out they are worth far more than that. Kate Leaver’s research and book, The Friendship Cure reveals that friendship holds the key to your health, happiness, sanity and even identity.

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The Hospital Club, 24, Endell Street, London, WC2H 9HQ