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December 8, 2018


At the Adam Smith Institute, we advocate for ideas that will make the world a freer, better, richer place. We aim to be radical and reasonable – pushing for bold reforms but backing it up with cold, hard evidence.

In that spirit, we’re hosting our third Forum. Last year’s event attracted around 300 attendees, and this year we’re aiming to make Forum even bigger. We’re bringing together leading academics for a day of talks on the underappreciated, underrecognised ideas they believe help explain and improve the world around us.

To give you a taste – we’ve got Professor David Nutt, Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London and former government chief drugs adviser, challenging our failed approach to drug policy, Mosa Meat’s Jonathan Breemhaar giving us the low-down on lab grown meat, the LSE’s Professor Paul Cheshire exploring solutions to the housing crisis, and Effective Giving’s Founder Natalie Cargill explaining the importance of effective altruism.

We’re keeping the talks short (most won’t go on for longer than 15 minutes) so we can squeeze as many great ideas as possible into the day. We’ll have our Forum bookstore which will be selling the speakers’ latest publications!

We’ll also be heading for drinks afterwards to give you a chance to have a chat with some of our speakers and fellow attendees. The location for post-Forum drinks will be announced closer to the event.


Professor Bobby Duffy (Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute, King’s College London) on ‘The Perils of Perception

Professor Paul Cheshire (Emeritus Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics) on ‘Housing Crisis? Tennis Still Aces Golf

Helen Pluckrose (Editor of Areo digital magazine) on ‘The Epistemology of Grievance Studies’

Michael Story (Managing Director of Good Judgement Inc.) on ‘How To See The Future, Better’

Professor David Nutt (Edmond J. Safra Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology, Imperial College London) on ‘Time to make peace with drugs

Dr. Roger Henderson (GP and columnist for the Spectator) on ‘E-cigarettes; kill or cure?’

Natalie Cargill (Founder & Executive Director of Effective Giving UK) on ‘Why are we ignoring the worst moral problems of our time?’

Jonathan Breemhaar (Mechanical Engineer, Mosa Meat) on ‘The Future of Meat’

Daniel Pryor (Head of Programmes, Adam Smith Institute) on ‘How should we regulate sex work?’

Professor Jonathan Portes (Professor of Economics and Public Policy, King’s College London) on ‘The Economics of Immigration’

Dr Anton Howes (Historian in Residence at the Royal Society of Arts) on ‘How to be a Great Reformer: Lessons from the Victorians’

Andrew Lilico (Executive Director and Principal of Europe Economics) on ‘The Case for CANZUK’

Matt Kilcoyne (Head of Communications, Adam Smith Institute) on ‘Hopes and Fears’

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