The Blowfish – Oxford Literary Festival


March 21, 2018


Marine biologist and star of ITV’s Fishing Impossible series ‘The Blowfish’  reveals some of the more fascinating creatures that live beneath the ocean waves from the meiofauna living in the sand of our beaches to the ‘vampire squid from hell’.

In Blowfish’s Encyclopedia, he goes on a journey from the shore to the darkest depths of the ocean to explain what strange creatures lie there. These include the jellyfish that could cause an ocean-wide apocalypse and the shoal of herring that breaks wind to escape its predators.

‘The Blowfish’ is otherwise known as Tom Hird, a death-metal-loving marine biologist, scuba diver, wildlife expert and science communicator.  He is best known for being one of three presenters of ITV’s Fishing Impossible, in which the trio set off to catch extraordinary marine creatures in extreme destinations. He is also a resident wildlife expert on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

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Oxford Literary Festival, Greyfriars Court, Paradise Square, Oxford OX1 1BE