A.N. Wilson – Isle of Wight Festival

Isle of Wight

October 11, 2019


The success story of the British royal family can be laid at the door of Prince Albert, who after his death in 1861, turned into a man who could do no wrong. In this exhaustively researched and definitive biography, A N Wilson reveals Prince Albert to be a man of prodigious gifts. Not only was he politically astute, he had administrative gifts which could have made him a great general. He was scientifically informed. He understood, and was enthused by, modern technology. He was a knowledgeable art collector. He was a musician and composer. He was the father of a family.

Between them, Victoria and Albert rescued the British monarchy from grave crisis and established the kind of country Britain would become over the next century. Published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of his birth, Prince Albert is a towering achievement by a writer at the height of his powers.

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