Sharon Pincott

Born in Queensland, Sharon Pincott is the author of two highly acclaimed books published in South Africa and is the subject of an internationally successful documentary. Her work has been profiled in National Geographic, BBC Wildlife and Africa Geographic. She is credited with having formed one of the most remarkable relationships with wild elephants ever documented.



A book to take readers into another world.Caroline Jones AO, presenter, AUSTRALIAN STORY

A raw, honest story that needs to be heard.Tony Park, bestselling author of AN EMPTY COAST

This mesmerizing book is not just about a love of elephants, it is also about the indomitable spirit of someone who followed her passion.Cynthia Moss, world-renowned elephant specialist, celebrated in the BBC's ECHO OF THE ELEPHANTS

This book is a real eye opener to what dangers the volunteers in Zimbabwe face, how beautiful elephants are, the bonds that can be forged between human and pachyderm and sadly, how heart breaking it is when an elephant that is virtually a human family member is ripped away. A great read - have tissues on standby.
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