S.L. Grey

Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg met in a pub while bunking a crime seminar and, as one does at pubs, discovered a mutual interest in horror. Sarah, a crime novelist and screenwriter, was a die-hard zombie fanatic; Louis, a literary writer, editor and recovering bookseller, had studied vampire and apocalyptic fiction. Rejecting their initial plans for a vampire-vs-zombie faceoff, they decided to write the first mainstream South African horror novel together and S.L. Grey was born.



I found myself creeped out to an extent that no horror story had achieved for a long time... there is something very special coming out of South Africa

One of the cleverest, creepiest and most memorable horror novels for ages...This is skilfully crafted horror, with not a vampire, werewolf or zombie in sight... It's a masterful debut and one which will stay with you
Independent on Sunday on S.L. Grey

With prose that thrums with menace, a dash of satire and some gruesome imagery, this is an original and unsettling novel from an exciting new talent
SFX on S.L. Grey