Michael Fossel

Dr Michael Fossel earned both his PhD and MD from Stanford University, where he taught neurobiology and research methods. Winner of a National Science Foundation fellowship, he was a clinical professor of medicine for almost three decades, the executive director of the American Aging Association, and the founding editor of Rejuvenation Research. In 1996, he wrote the first book on the telomerase theory of ageing, Reversing Human Aging. He is also the author of Cells, Aging, and Human Disease and co-author of The Immortality Edge. He currently teaches The Biology of Aging at Grand Valley State University and is working to bring telomerase to human trials for Alzheimer's disease.



The Telomerase Revolution is a remarkable book, telling a fascinating story that pulls together at last a single coherent theory of how and why growing old leads to so many different forms of illness.
Matt Ridley, author of Genome and The Rational Optimist

Dr Fossel's exciting book is opening doors to extended healthspan that can change human history, and it's all grounded in solid scientific research.
Noel Patton, founder and chairman of TA Sciences

Michael Fossel's compelling argument for the telomere approach to reversing aging isn't just worth a look - it's like reading the words of Virgil as he leads us along the mysteries of aging.
Alexey Olovnikov, PhD, Institute of Biochemical Physics and Russian Academy of Sciences