John Lloyd

John Lloyd co-founded the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, where he is a Senior Research Fellow. Lloyd has written several books, including What the Media Are Doing to Our Politics and Journalism in an Age of Terror. He is also a contributing editor at the Financial Times and a columnist for both and La Repubblica of Rome.



Magisterial... A free press and free broadcasting - off- or online - is not some optional extra. It is vital, but also beset by dangers; and Lloyd, with scholarship and energy, lays many of them bare.Observer
Peter Preston

Lloyd has a vivid reporting style and his many succinct interviews with victims or justifiers of Putin, or Egyptian or Indian style journalism, make his book a page-turner for those interested in questions of who decides and writes the news we are permitted to read.... His masterly book is a lament not an obituary.Santiago Gamboa

Exceptionally wide-ranging and informative... Lloyd does an impressive job in showing how journalism is vulnerable to the power of the state and the market.John Gray
New Statesman

An intelligent, nuanced and well-documented survey of global public interest reporting under pressure from dictatorships, desperate market competition and technological disruption.Steve Coll
Financial Times

Superb... Despite the brief opening for liberalism after the Cold War and the promise of digital democracy, journalism finds itself ever more constrained by politicians and their accomplices. In a magisterial sweep Lloyd demonstrates how other pressures, such as violence, secrecy, corruption and commercialisation, are threatening the public purpose of journalism... He has an eye for both detail and the bigger picture and his case studies and analysis reflect the complex and dynamic recent histories of journalism and politics.Charlie Beckett
Literary Review

Investigative journalism is the life-blood of democracy. In the digital age, the orthodox press struggles to survive and has to compete with a dazzling variety of websites, many sourced for free. What are the implications for politics? Is truth itself a casualty? This magisterial book offers a nuanced and compelling treatment of these essential issues, setting them in historical context.Anthony Giddens, Former director
London School of Economics

John Lloyd is a master journalist with serious insights into the changing dynamics of his field. The Power and the Story illuminates the ways in which governments across the globe cooperate, collude, control and clash with the press.
Graham Allison, Douglas Dillon Professor of Government and Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

John Lloyd is not only one of the finest experts on journalism; he is also a practitioner. His unique insight takes us around the world for an illuminating and enlightening voyage through the old and new challenges facing journalists. In an age of rising authoritarianism, technological disruptions and alternative facts, John Lloyd makes a powerful case for the necessity of independent, strong journalism. For anyone concerned about the future of truth, freedom and information, this makes for fascinating and indispensable reading - wherever you live.'Sylvie Kauffmann, Editorial Director
Le Monde