John LeFevre

John LeFevre has enjoyed a distinguished career in international finance. He joined Salomon Brothers immediately out of college, and worked for Citigroup in New York, London, and Hong Kong. In 2010 he was hired by Goldman Sachs to be head of debt syndicate in Asia, a position that he eventually did not take due to a contractual issue. He has written for Business Insider and has been interviewed about @GSElevator by the New York Times, CNN, the Financial Times and other outlets.



Makes the Wolf of Wall St look like a pussycat.
Daily Mail

LeFevre is a pretty loathsome human being.
The Times

His story reads like a frat boy's fever dream of the high-flying life: morning drinking, late-night drinking, and drinking all the hours in between.
Publishers Weekly

[A] sleazy catalogue of vice.
Wall Street Journal

Details midday cocaine binges, dodgy deals and epic booze benders that make movie The Wolf Of Wall Street look like a poodle.
The Sun

This book is going to annoy and offend a lot of people, with good reason.