John Dunn

John Dunn is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of King's College. He is the author of a number of titles, among them The Cunning of Unreason: Making Sense of Politics, The Political Thought of John Locke. He is also the editor of Democracy: The Unfinished Journey and a fellow of the British Academy.


Rich and subtle... A masterly performance... Lucidly and provocatively written... Next time you hear the word democracy, reach for this book. If you want to think harder about democracy's shortcomings and challenges, it is an excellent place to start.
The Economist

A signal, beautifully written book... It is also a joy to read. The truth can entertain as well as make us free.Roy Hattersley
The Times

Exhilarating, gripping and full of mordant phrases... Magnificent.David Marquand
New Statesman

Remarkable.... written in a spare, incisive English style which at its best is worthy of HobbesJonathan Sumption