Bradford Morrow

Bradford Morrow is the author of eight novels, including Trinity Fields, The Diviner's Tale, and most recently, The Forgers, as well as a short-story collection, The Uninnocent. He is the founding editor of Conjunctions and has contributed to many anthologies and journals. A Bard Center Fellow and professor of literature at Bard College, he lives in New York City.



This sublime new novel detonates the very notion of genre. And it works because it is riveting, insightful, sentence by sentence charged with feeling, as it bears us helpless with it on its downward journey to illuminationPeter Straub, winner of Bram Stoker Award

Beautifully written and tautly paced... a tale whose subtle and mysterious confluences are as elusive as water undergroundThomas H. Cook, winner of the Edgar Allen Poe Award

Superb. The only thing I did for two straight days was read this book-it really is that riveting... somehow alchemically able to combine suspense, wonder, and romance all in one seamless story that kept you guessingJonathan Carroll, winner of World Fantasy Award

Chilling and impossible to put down. Morrow is at the top of his form: bold, original, and mesmerizing. Truly a stunning achievementValerie Martin, winner of the Orange Prize

Bradford Morrow is a force of nature... The Diviner's Tale will not only delight, it will endureRobert Olen Butler, winner of Pulitzer Prize in Fiction

A chilling, genre-busting tale... just when you think it can't get any darker, Morrow reveals his trump card. Startling.
Daily Mirror

Its style and intelligence makes it a cut above genre fiction. The beauty of the wilderness which ironically, she is helping to destroy is beautifully conveyed... the plot rachets up another degree of tension and there is a romance element thrown in unexpectedly... As a portrait of a person who doesn't fit, Morrow's novel is a very much in the vein of Hawthorne.

A complex story of love, memories and murder, all touched by a suspicion of supernatural forces at work. Coupled with his sympathetic eye for characters... Morrow's feel for the back-country landscape is impressive.
Mail on Sunday

Twining music history with the political tumults of the 20th century, The Prague Sonata is a sophisticated, engrossing intellectual mystery... [Morrow's] captivating, hopeful book presents a vision of the broken past, restored.
Wall Street Journal

Bradford Morrow is an astonishing writer.Joyce Carol Oates

A treasure of a novel, a deliciously enveloping musical mystery which I read with marvel and gusto.Diane Ackerman

Bradford Morrow is remarkable. The Real Thing, which is rare on this earthly plane.Michael Cunningham

This rich, masterful novel brilliantly explores the complex tumble of history, the human capacity for good and for evil, the fragile but redeeming glory of art. Morrow has long been one of America's finest novelists. And this humanely epic tale is his finest book.Robert Olen Butler

Bradford Morrow has written his masterpiece. The Prague Sonata is a rich, joyous, complex journey into the city of Prague, the claims made upon us by music, and several dark, dark corners of human experience.Peter Straub

An elegant foray into music and memory.