Under Radar

Michael Tolkin

RRP: £7.99

14 August 2003

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843541936

A fierce story of cold-blooded murder in paradise by one of America’s most ambitious writers.Tom Levy is uncomfortable in his own skin. Haunted by his role in a scam that has left him obscenely rich, he finds it difficult to enjoy his wealth. His wife persuades him into a Jamaican vacation with their two daughters, although he knows he’s going to hate it. Desperate for distraction, he constructs an idle fantasy around an aloof woman he meets by the side of the pool. Later, at a reggae party, Tom is scandalised by her husband’s behaviour. The next day the husband is dead.

Tolkin writes rarely and stingingly enough to make each new work a milestone in the annals of misanthropy’ — New York Times