The Weight of Him

Ethel Rohan

RRP: £7.99

1 February 2018

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786491923

RRP: £5.99

14 February 2017

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786491916

How do you carry on, when you lose someone you love?

Big Billy Brennan’s family is reeling from loss, his marriage is a partnership in name alone, and eating is the only thing getting him through. In his close-knit town, Billy can’t escape his notoriety. But when Billy decides to take on the two things weighing him down – his grief, and his fat – he takes on much more than just a personal attempt at recovery…

The Weight of Him is an unforgettable, big-hearted novel about loss and redemption, and what can be achieved when an everyday hero finds the courage to try to better his world.


Ethel Rohan shows herself to be one of those rare, courageous writers who dare to take on the 'ordinary' and show just how extraordinary it really is. A brave and moving book.John Banville

The Weight of Him conjures all the grief and regret of a family who has suffered an insurmountable loss. Out of this burning sorrow rises Big Billy Brennan, a father who attempts the seemingly impossible - to change the world. Ethel Rohan captures a blend of comedy and tragedy that is entirely true to family, hometown, and our own private struggles. Poignant and inspiring.Eowyn Ivey, international bestselling author of THE SNOW CHILD

Deeply moving and memorable.Roxane Gay

Ethel Rohan is a writer of great courage and emotional intelligence. She can also tell a damn good story. The Weight of Him is about loss and about life. It is involving, terrifying and ultimately quite beautiful.Tom Barbash, author of STAY UP WITH ME

Sweet and profound, true and honest, The Weight of Him is a book to make the world a better place.Elisabeth Gifford

Extraordinary.Caroline Leavitt

How can a story about death be so life affirming? Ethel Rohan's compassionate debut novel is sad, heartbreaking even, but also uplifting, a celebration of the determination to keep on trying.Bonnie Jo Campbell, author of MOTHERS, TELL YOUR DAUGHTERS

The Weight of Him is an achingly sad, achingly lovely novel that speaks to the essential core of our shared human experience. I will not soon forget it. Ethel Rohan, a prodigiously skilled short story writer, has proved herself, in this debut novel, to be a master of the long form as well.Robert Olen Butler, author of PERFUME RIVER