The Simplest Words

Alex Miller

RRP: £14.99

3 March 2016

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781743313572

From one of Australia’s greatest novelists comes this fine collection, a storyteller’s journey. These short stories and essays, written over the last forty years, comprise an insightful and intelligent meditation on the life of the novelist and the culture of contemporary Australia. Personal and intimate as many of these pieces are, this collection forms a kind of assured autobiography, of the sort that only Alex Miller could write.

Alex Miller’s stories are told with a rare level of wisdom and profundity, engaging the intellect and the emotions simultaneously. Stories are, after all, in his blood.


This smorgasbord of fiction and essays is well worth diving into.
Irish Times

Masterly prose of eloquent plainness... This is a rich, generous compilation that enticingly refracts our perceptions of one of Australia's finest novelists.
Sydney Morning Herald

This collection features some of Alex Miller's best work from the past 40 years. Seamlessly melding fiction and nonfiction to form a narrative on truth, family and the creative process, The Simplest Words gives intimate insight into the life of this admired writer.
Canberra Weekly

Told in sinewy, taciturn prose, Coal Creek is a brilliantly realised character piece.
The Herald (Scotland) on Coal Creek

Miller's novel is in many respects his best yet, a compelling tale of important ideas and influential relationships, an examination of a period in art and of characters who command empathy even when acting badly.
The Times Literary Supplement on Autumn Laing

Miller reveals most clearly the delicacy of his understanding of human nature...[a] tactful and intelligent writer.
The Guardian on Lovesong

Coal Creek is a triumph.Tim Winton on Coal Creek

A wonderful novel of stunning intricacy and great beauty.Michael Ondaatje on The Ancestor Game