The Shipwreck Hunter

David L. Mearns

RRP: £20.00

5 October 2017

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781760295257

RRP: £9.99

5 October 2017

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781925575286

David Mearns has discovered some of the world’s most fascinating and elusive shipwrecks. From the mighty battlecruiser HMS Hood to the crumbling wooden skeletons of Vasco da Gama’s 16th century fleet, David has searched for and found dozens of sunken vessels in every ocean of the world.

The Shipwreck Hunter is an account of David’s most intriguing and fascinating finds. It details both the meticulous research and the mid-ocean stamina and courage required to find a wreck miles beneath the sea, as well as the moving human stories that lie behind each of these oceanic tragedies.

Combining the derring-do of Indiana Jones with the precision of a surgeon, in The Shipwreck Hunter David Mearns opens a porthole into the shadowy depths of the ocean.


The underwater worlds of past and present collide in the depths of the ocean in this gripping and suspenseful narrative by David Mearns, a true expert on mysteries of the deep sea.
Clive Cussler

For [Mearns], setting world records and recovering centuries-old treasures is just another day at the office-or ocean, rather.
National Geographic

In 1915 Ernest Shackleton's ship SY Endurance sank into the icy depths of the Weddell Sea, never to be seen again. Her loss marked the start of what is arguably the greatest rescue in history and the ship remains a potent symbol of courage and survival. David Mearns has long wanted to pay tribute to Shackleton by finding his ship. Given David's amazing track record and outstanding abilities, I am quite sure that one day I will be able to see images of my grandfather's Endurance, no longer lost.
Alexandra Shackleton

Nautilus Telegraph