The See-Saw

100 Ideas for Work-Life Balance

Julia Hobsbawm

RRP: £8.99

21 February 2013

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782392453

In a society where women and men are under constant pressure to juggles their commitments as partners, parents and workers, The See-Saw offers life-changing tips and case studies to inspire and reassure you that you can get your work-life balance on track.

Julia Hobsbawm, who combines running a successful small business with being a multiple mother of three young children and two teenage step-children, shares her own personal experiences and provides case studies and advice from women and men with different backgrounds and circumstances. Everyone is facing the same challenges: How do I save time? How do I remain focused on work but not distracted at home? How do I relax?

A challenging new handbook for 21st-century life, The See-Saw is bursting with hard-won practical advice.