The Rise of the Outsiders

Steve Richards

RRP: £9.99

3 May 2018

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786491442

RRP: £18.99

15 June 2017

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786492012

RRP: £8.99

15 June 2017

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786491435

Discover why outsiders from Trump to Corbyn are succeeding like never before – and what this means for you.

In recent years, voters have deserted the political centre like never before. Whether it’s Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, or Corbyn, outsiders and populists are flourishing on the far left and far right.

Celebrated political commentator Steve Richards explores factors from globalization and fake news to rising immigration and stagnant wages. Richards argues that the reasons for the success of the outsider also sows the seeds of their eventual demise. If they do gain power, they inevitably become insiders themselves – and fail to live up to their extravagant promises.

This landmark book examines the rapidly shifting global political landscape of the last decade, and is essential reading for anyone who has been bothered by Brexit, troubled by Trump or confused by Corbyn.


There is no more insightful observer of the British scene than this reasoned pundit... [Richards] brilliantly nails it.

Richards offers valuable insights into how awkward political power really is.

Excellent... An important and insightful account of the current rise of populism amid the collapse of trust in both conventional politics and politicians.
Jon Snow – Newsreader, Channel Four News

Steve Richards is quite simply one of the best in the business.
John Kampfner

Easily one of our best commentators.
David Aaronovitch

Steve Richards is a fine columnist and thoughtful political commentator. This book gets to the heart of why conventional politicians and parties are struggling and failing to adapt to the challenge of the outsiders, opening the door to Trump, the Brexiteers and European movements of far left and right.
Vince Cable – former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Insightful and well researched... The Rise of the Outsiders is both a stinging rebuke to established parties of left and right, but also a clarion call to mainstream politicians to call-out empty populism and make anew the case for sane government.
Ed Balls -- former Shadow Chancellor to the Exchequer

Incisive and urgent... This needs to be read by anyone trying to understand the nature of the current political system in Western democracies.
Alasdair Blair – Jean Monnet Professor of International Relations, De Montfort University, Leicester

An important book about the social forces behind the disruptive challenges to mainstream politics and the future of representative political parties.
Baron David Willetts – Executive Chair of the Resolution Foundation

Fascinating... an unusual book by one of our best political commentators
Tribune magazine

rigorous examination . . . accessible and informative
The Tablet